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My First Year of Middle School

Meridian Public Charter SchoolMy first year of middle school was a little bit nervous because I knew I was going to be with the older kids on the same level. The day before it was the first day of school I knew that I needed to try to be less shy. That maybe new student would come. I was happy too because I would finally see all of my friends and I would begin my middle school experience. I would possibly make new friends and maybe I would become less shy and wouldn’t get nervous to talk in front of people.

I got to my new school building and all the students had to meet at the park so I saw my friends and went to talk to them. I was so excited to see the new building and see all my friends. We got ready to go inside the building and I got nervous because I would soon start a new schedule. I didn’t know my homeroom teacher so I met her and she was very nice. I sat down in a desk with my friend and our teacher began to talk to us.  Soon everybody was there and I was so happy to see familiar faces. So we started our daily routine from now on till school ends.

The weeks went by and I felt like I was getting use to the new schedule. One day a new student for me arrived because everybody else knew here except me.  I got to know her and she was very nice and now she is now one of my best friends. Now I know that middle school is not that hard when you get use to the schedule but for me learning new things is kind of hard when I try to do it for the first time but then I know how to do it. When I am about to learn a new subject I get excited because I will be able to learn a new thing.

National Junior Honor SocietyI will try to work on my shyness but I’m trying to work on that and I’m trying to work on talking in front of people but I still get nervous when I get up front. I will try to work on that. My middle school experience has been good so far. It might even get better because I just decided that I’m going to fill out the form to see if I get accepted for the National Junior Honor Society. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

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