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What does love really mean?

Love            What does love really mean? What love really means is that it’s a feeling that you get when you feel something really deep for another person. It’s a strong feeling that you will give to someone else besides your friends and families. It’s sometimes for a specific person that you feel something for and will do anything for that person.

Love is something that one day everybody will feel. It’s a feeling that will feel weird for some of us. It might be a feeling that you might get but you won’t know what that feeling is. It’s a feeling that will make you care for another person besides you and your family. This feeling will make you feel something special for someone and you will never hurt that person and you will support that person. When you give that feeling to that person you will expect nothing back in return.

Love is a special feeling that is very strong because you would do anything for the person that you love. This feeling will help you go through difficult situations.  Love can be difficult sometimes.  Love can also make you blind. Love can lead you to making bad choices or sometimes good choices. Love is not something you can buy. Love is something you earn by showing the amount of love you have for that person. That is what love really means. What does love really mean to you?

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