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My Summer

Image  It has been a long time since I blog but I´m back. My summer has had its ups and downs. Today I´m let you in my life just a little. I´m tell you a little bit of what I have been going through this summer. This summer for me has been awesome but also a little bad. I´m tell you the bad part then the awesome part you can let me know what you think on your comments and I´ll try to respond back as fast as I can. The bad news is that I got sick for 3 days but luck I have been getting better because of some medicine I´ve been taking. If my grandma didn´t take me to the doctors I wonder how I would be right now. But since I´ve been taken the medicine my pain has gone away and I just hope it doesn´t come back. Now the awesome news is that I am having a great summer with my family and I hope I am able to come back soon maybe to celebrate my quinceañera. This summer I went to the beach and the pool with family and friends I had so much fun. I just wish everybody is having a great summer and I also want to tell you to enjoy it because soon we are going to start to go to school and like others start going to work. I wish everybody a great summer. 

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