Always be happy no matter what

Spring Break

                         Students should have two weeks of Spring Break because that’s the only time to have some days off until Summer Break. We have been working so hard to get ready for the DCCAS.

                         From that rest we will be ready to work hard for the DCCAS. In those two weeks we can have fun but still practice on reading or math. We can do a lot in two weeks like get better on subjects that we really have trouble with. We can also have fun while learning like going to the museum we can learn a lot while have fun learning new things.

                          We need those two weeks because with those two weeks a lot can happen like get better with something you had trouble with or your attitude to school changes and want to know more or work on something that you have trouble with. In those two weeks you can get serious of school and you want to change yourself for you can do better in school and get good grades. What do you think should students have two weeks of spring break?


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