Always be happy no matter what

New Years Resolution

                             New Years Resolution                           My new years resolution is to do better on my tests because I don’t want to get low grades on any of my test so I will study more.

                          On  my math tests I will show my work and I will try not to stay long on the questions but I will do my best to get the problem right and I will read the instructions to do the problem right and for I won’t do the problem wrong and get the problem wrong.

                          On my reading test I will read the instructions, then I will read the story and when I get to the questions I will read the question careful and then I will take out an answer that didn’t go with the question and the story. If I don’t read the questions I will get that question wrong and if I don’t read the story and I get to the questions and don’t know the answer I will read back or guess so I might get it wrong or right.


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