Always be happy no matter what

Computer Ghost

Computer Ghost is about a girl name Jade. Jade is receiving emails but she thinks it is her dad.  Jade writes back. But she doesn’t tell her mom that she receives email from her dad and that she writes back.

Some of Jade’s classmates make a detective group. But then they kind stop talking about the detective group because their teacher comes with a teacher that will replace her. Then she asks what paranormal mean then Ricky one of her classmates answer. Then she asks “does anyone believe in ghost?”

So some kids raised their hands and she asked “why” so they answered. So after class Jade asked Ricky did he believe in ghost he said “I don’t know,”  and so they started talking how ghost can communicate and she explains how her dad communicates with her so one of them say “why wouldn’t her dad talk to her,” so Ricky explains about Jade’s Dad.



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